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  1. Yesterday when Michael Rose and his bride were at our home to enjoy a smoked Boston butt roast he wanted to peak in on my layout.  He noticed the dust as did I when I was taking roof top photos for another thread. Michael suggested asking you guys how you deal with dust. My layout room is inside of the house and I have a HEPA fan / filter running all of the time; however, I still get dust.

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  2. As I continue to work on the Seabrook NH to Hampton Falls stretch, something curious occurred to me.  Using period photos, I have definitely confirmed that the passenger station is next to a siding and not the mainline, but that siding also has a spur off it which appears to have been a team track, so the siding definitely has to be used to switch that track.

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  3. Hi everyone,

    I am looking to apply Testors Glosscote with my airbrush to a few freight cars. I was unable to find directions though. Can someone help answer the following questions:

    Airbrush Air Pressure?

    Thinner Options?

    Thinner Ratios?

    Airbrush Cleanup?

    Thanks ahead of time.

  4. Hi, I am laying 2 turnouts on my double main oriented frog to frog so that I may change from one track to the other. I haven't decided whether to install power routing or live turnouts, but when I do, do both the straight and diverging tracks need gaps in the rails or just the diverging route. It's not making sense to me.


  5. I've been looking high and low for a decent crane for a scrapyard scene. I stumbled on some cranes while looking on the internet and found out they are hard to get. I stumbled on them in an eBay search and just thought I'd share the link for those of you looking for a descent crane as well:

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  6. I'm sure this has been discussed before but my head is spinning.  I've read all of these posts on how to wire or install Peco electrofrog switches vs insulfrog switches.  I see all of these special wiring diagrams on Peco electrofrog switches running wire from here to there.  I don't care to do all of that.  If I understand correctly, all I have to do is add insulated rail joiners on the two inside rails leaving the frog and that is basically it.  One guy said unsulfrog vs electrofrog in a moot point.

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  7. MODEL TRAIN & CRAFT SHOW: The Kanawha Valley Railroad Association is holding its 15th Annual Train & Craft Show on February 22 and 23, 2020.  The Show will be at the The Event Center, 6400 MacCorkle Ave. S.W., St.

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  8. This was my first cardstock model and I think I’m hooked. It looks convincing And it was quick and easy to build. I wish I took more pictures of the process. 
    Here’s the story:

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  9. With the upcoming loss of support for Windows 7 I'm in the market for a new laptop. So I was wondering if anyone is successfully running the newest version of JMRI/Decoder Pro on a Windows 7/32 bit PC?

    I've looked into upgrading my old laptop to Windows 10, but that looks like a lot of work. If I can run windows 7 for the layout without connecting it to the Internet that would be fine. I'll clean out everything but JMRI after I get the new laptop up and running.

    Lou N



  10. Hello all.

    I've been posting here for a few years now and have decided that instead of starting separate little blogs for every little idea I have I should consolidate things a bit. So...

    From now on, New and exciting things on the Ruphe and Tumbelle will be featured here.


    (Insert trumpet fanfare)

  11. Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone has had this issue with the ESU CabControl...

    After turning the unit on in accordance with the instruction manual I tried to connect the WIFI, the WIFI signal for the unit appears on the hand controller however when I tell the hand controller to connect it asks for a WIFI password. I have searched high and low for a password to no avail. 

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  12. Has anyone heard any updates on this?

    I checked their website, but couldn't find any info on the matter.


  13. Here's a few examples of Cricut uses in modeling. Please post your examples too and all questions welcome.

  14. Hi all

    I was wondering about the following...

    If i got an 8-pin Loksound5, if i am not mistaken AUX1  (green wire) is for installing an extra led (extra to the white cable meant for the headlight...).

    On the ESU page (functions for sound-files for an EMD 576B prime mover, S0746 reference) it mentions that F5 key activates AUX3 (rotary beacon).

    So i am wondering, if i wire an LED to AUX1 (green wire) can i somehow reprogram the decoder to have AUX1 activated as Mars Light by pressing F5? If yes how? ( I got a Z21 command station by the way...)

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  15. It's another week . . . post 'em if you got 'em. 

    Shay # 8 Pulling logs to the mill...

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