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  1. Wondering how fellow modelers get over the "blah" hump. I'm talking about just not having any interest in getting into the train room and working on projects. Here in Western Michigan it's the perfect time to dive into the hobby as the temps are hovering right around freezing. But I just can't seem to get excited about doing anything. So how does one get over that and get back to doing what we should be enjoying? MRH Editor, maybe a good topic for your monthly column?

  2. Let's see your pictures of anything railroad.

  3. In preparing for the next operating night, I often think about the makeup of the car fleet and the compromises I make to get the layout running.

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  4. Hi all, this is a blog to show the build of my new HOn3 layout.

    It is to be a protolanced layout based on D&RGW and other Colorado 3 feet gauge railroads in the 1930's.

  5. Why were many refrigerator cars traditionally painted orange or yellow?

  6. I ran across this today:

    I have no real interest in dead rail, I don't feel that battery technology is any where near where it needs to be for this to work reliably. Seems it just wasn't catching on.


  7. Assistant Editor's thoughts - No youth in the hobby? - Model trains - MRH editorial April 2015





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  8. On a roll, (got one of my F units ready for paint) I took one of my Atlas "Gold" DCC/Sound equipped GP7's and got it to the "ARTP*" stage.

    * Almost Ready To Paint

    Here's a pic of it:

    Strange little offering, this Atlas GP7. Supposed to be Atlas' latest and greatest top-of-the-line offering. BUT... working on it caused some of those "WWTT?*" moments in me. 

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  9. My last blog about the scenery on my layout grew to over 20 pages, so I figured it was time to start another post. As before, this will continue the coverage of my ongoing scenery work.

    Thanks for following along!

  10. Would anyone mind giving me their thoughts about using a single slip turnout rather than a double slip one,...positives vs negatives.??

    I have in mind a place where I think the single slip would be advisable over a double, but before describing my particular situation I was looking to hear generalities about the two.



  11. There have been many discussions on the MRH forum about the cost of our hobby. This topic is much more specific. It is about controlling the cost of individual freight cars. I have set a RULE for all of my freight cars. That is, the average cost of my freight cars is $20 and no more. Note, I said "average" cost, . . . not maximum cost. This means that if I spend $30 on one car, then another has to cost no more than $10 to bring the average back to $20. This sounds simple, but it takes a lot of personal discipline to make this happen.

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  12. Ohio in the fall is often cold, hot, rainy, snowy, and beautiful, often on the same day.  For me it is a chance to get out into the fields around my home to pick trees for the layout.  For a little effort I can pick hundreds of reasonable, and free, trees in an hour.  Compared to store-bought, they are more realistic and can vary from an inch to more than twelve inches in height.  Their structure is delicate and represents late fall/early spring trees here in Ohio.  The evergreens are nothing more than grasses hit with cheap hairspray and some ground foam.  Eac

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  13. I made this little winter scene from a piece salvaged from a previous layout. It is a derelict Irving gas station. I just can't bring myself to get rid of the structures from a previous layout that I have no use for on my new layout. I think the third shot best depicts ambient light coming from a street lamp.


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  14. *** UPDATE:  The book is called "Model Railroading  As  Art".  Thank you Joe for allowing me to reveal the information.  The book is available from Amazon.

    Original Post:

    I'm not sure that I can say the name of the book or the author on this site as it might be considered some type of advertising, but I just got a great book on modeling railroading.  It has some very helpful information that can improve your layout along with some great photos.  Highly recommended.

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  15. With only a few more structures to complete on my re-creation of Rutland Yard in HO that many of you are familiar with over the last few years the time has come to start expanding and work on the next two scenes.  

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