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  1. Publishers Musings: Keeping track clean longer ? - Model trains - MRH editorial May 2019




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  2. Another week starts . . . post 'em if you got 'em.


  3. After the success of weathering my first large scale boxcar back this winter, I decided to tackle another long forgotten project. Years ago, another large scale modeler Brian Brigg's passed away. He was a excellent modeler, scratch and kitbashing large scale projects.In the following post, I will explain some background and get into the model.

    Here are some links to some of his projects.

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  4. Hi all, 


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  5. After seeing the 1 pound powered graphite in  Joe's  Musings  I was doing a search as this is used in  fertilizer, grain drills (seed planting machines) in farming and pellet stoves to reduce  wear on parts. I found it at NAPA  Auto Parts  listed as 16 oz for $7.99 each. It can not be ordered online but it states to call or visit your local dealer and to see if it is in stock if not  they will order it for you. This is the same name as Amason uses

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  6.    Had a few spare minutes today so made a rail joiner tool for my S scale track Just a piece of code 100 rail bent to a comfortable angle and a piece of brass soldered on the bottom. The handle is carved wood with the rail driven into a drilled hole. A joiner is slipped on til it hits the brass stop then can be pushed onto the end of the rail being joined. Saves wear and tear on one's finger tips :>)......DaveB

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  7. In the following blog, I will tell the story of how the development of a 3D printed model of a P&R gondola hopper came about.  I will also share a few 3D printing mistakes and how I corrected them along the way. 

    Prototype                                                                                 Model

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  8. The goal will be to turn this American Model Builders Illinois Terminal caboose kit shown below (photo from the AMB website)

    into this caboose as shown below (photo courtesy of Dale Jenkins collection). 


  9. Welcome to the Cincinnati West thread!  Thanks for stopping by. The photos are hosted here on MRH, so this thread will remain intact as long as MRH exists.     - Randy

    I thought it might be nice to add a sort of index to this post since it has grown rather large.  - Randy

    First supports go up, 8/31/14

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  10. Hello all.

    I've been posting here for a few years now and have decided that instead of starting separate little blogs for every little idea I have I should consolidate things a bit. So...

    From now on, New and exciting things on the Ruphe and Tumbelle will be featured here.


    (Insert trumpet fanfare)

  11. Model railroaders running JMRI have the capability of connecting  their cell phone or wireless tablets as a remote throttle for DCC control. I have often heard modelers who would like newcomers to operate their layouts with a simplified throttle, with a speed control knob.  Also reducing the possibility of inadvertently changing things visitors know nothing about. This article describes the construction of a simple WiFi throttle that connects directly to the JMRI WiFi server. It is not dependent on your DCC base station connected to JMRI.

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  12. This is awful - vandalism in the UK.

    Let's hope it never happens again.

  13. This will be a build thread for my upcoming Ozark Sub layout. The particulars:

    *  To be contained within a purpose built 16' x 20' (15' x 19' interior) HVAC equipped out building.

    * Will utilize three of the four walls w/small peninsula.

    * Will be a "partial" dual level: Lower and upper 7-track stage areas, reverse loops for turning trains both levels, and a lower and upper town on the dual level portion, with the ruling grade mountain climb on the single level portion.

    * Approximately 150' total main length.

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  14. Raspberry Pi for model railroaders - Model trains - MRH column March 2019






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