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  1. Hi all, 

    now for something totally different. So you don't have room for a model railroad?? Even a tiny one.. Yeah right....

    Just suppose you apply the maximum "squeeze factor" to a mine type railroad. You might possibly end up with something like: 

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  2. One of the problems I have building turnouts using the fast tracks jigs is that a lot of my bare rail supply pieces aren't entirely flat when new, they comes with an upward curve. If you hold one end of an 18" piece down on a flat surface, the other end will be maybe 1/4" in the air. That's not a lot, but it's enough to cause problems.

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  3. This will be a build thread for my upcoming Ozark Sub layout. The particulars:

    *  To be contained within a purpose built 16' x 20' (15' x 19' interior) HVAC equipped out building.

    * Will utilize three of the four walls w/small peninsula.

    * Will be a "partial" dual level: Lower and upper 7-track stage areas, reverse loops for turning trains both levels, and a lower and upper town on the dual level portion, with the ruling grade mountain climb on the single level portion.

    * Approximately 150' total main length.

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  4. Given that Jeff and I will both be posting updates here on the MRH site about the NMRA National this week in Salt Lake City, here's a master thread with links to all the other threads!

    SLC 2019 Convention report day 0 (Jeff Shultz)

    SLC 2019 Convention report day 1 (Jeff Shultz)​

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  5. The post about magnets used for greater traction got me thinking about a train brake using a magnet under a freight car to pull up a rod. I was surprised how well this worked as the test track held the car at about a 45 degree angle without letting go. Sliding the car away from the pin releases the "brake". I doubt that one car could hold a whole train but I'll add a couple cars and see how well it holds at a normal grade of 2%-3%. 

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  6. I have online friends in 3-rail O and S scale hi-rail and scale. They kept talking about Lionel's re-involvement with HO. I decided to take a look. As expected, at this point I'm not particularly impressed with the rolling stock offerings that I saw, but this did get my attention:

    Lionel's MSRP price point is cheaper than the other MSRP's that I've seen.

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  7. It's another week . . . post 'em if you got 'em.  Again, there are a couple late posts on last weeks run, so check them out here:


  8. Logging Locos, Logging Track Plan, Logging Mill, Mainline Pick-up


    I need HELP!

    Quite awhile back I set aside some spaces on my new double-deck layout plan to have some logging scenes.

    I labeled them Logging Tracks & Logging Interchange

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  9. I’m in the planing phase for an around 3 walls freelance industrial switching layout.  I prefer not to compress my industries much.  I do like to know about the prototype for any given industry rather than just making them up.  I have been fussing around in CAD for a while trying to find the best way to lay out the industries I thought I wanted in the space available, and not really converging on something I was happy with.

    So I decided to try something completely different.

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  10. I went to TMTV just now and Symantec stops the page as a malicious attack. The resulting URL is blah blah blah.

    Be careful!

    UPDATE: See below. The TMTV website is fine now -- it may have been compromised earlier briefly but our hosting provider dealt with it quickly.

  11. Hey Joe,

    still no sign of the July issue on the MRH app. ????



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  13. I'm operating a small switching layout, and initially powered it with a dcc system. All the sounds were there, but since I'm half deaf, were more of an irritation than a fun addition to running trains.

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  14. Anyone ever hear of this company?  I've been searching far and wide for a model of this kind of trailer and have had zero luck until this popped up on Ebay recently.  According to the back of the package, their website was but that doesn't work anymore. I'm assuming they are out of business, it has been 20 years since the date on the package.  Anyway, just curious if anyone knows anything.  I'd love to get my hands on a second kit.      

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  15. I am pretty far along on track laying.  I seem to have a problem with the locomotive stalling. Since I have momentum on the CV it will role through it, there is just a momentary cut off of the sound and a jerk.  It is an Athearn GP with Tsunami and DCC.  I am running at low speed using a ProtoThrottle.  This can occur not only on turnouts but on a straight piece of flex. It  is not consistent on the same piece of track, sometimes it stalls sometimes it does not. I have done the following:

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