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  1. Anyone have experience with Micro-Marks HO can motors? I have a hand full of locomotives that would be nice to repower and MM has them on sale for 20 bucks each currently. Much more affordable then the Proto Power West motors.

  2. have any out there noticed any container yards getting filled up with empty containers?

    the local one in stockton is getting full. and they have expanded there storage area.

    ( cost me a bit in $$—fuel and truck needs tires) but might try a trip to look at the oakland area container yards.

  3. The Java Model Railroad Interface (JMRI) is an elegant but sometimes complex application growing in popularity beyond its fantastic facility to ease DCC decoder setup. It is free, widely used, and readily available. It has capabilities to monitor trains and track to enable control and signal systems for virtually any model railroad layout. Among its basic control elements are turnouts, usually referring to a track switch or set of “points” but in its most elemental form, really refers to a binary switch.

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  4. Publishers Musings: A completely different world - Model trains - MRH editorial April 2020



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  5. Again, barely a novice to this hobby, my end goal on my project is to have one of my grandsons operate one engine, while another grandson operates another locomotive at the same time - is that possible?

    I’m using EZ Command on EZ track, I’m not aware how that can be done with just the EZ Command WITHOUT passing the EZ Command module back-n-forth. 

    Indulge me please. #1) How can I do that - one grandson operating 1 loco as our other grandson operates another?

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  6. Don't let the words encourage you. I have found over all my years that track, structures, etc. DO NOT need glue strong enough to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.  This stuff is probably great for gluing all kinds of things, but not model railroad roadbed nor track. 

    This Power Grab construction adhesive made by Loctite is something that should probably NEVER find its' way onto your layout. 

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  7. It's another week . . . post 'em if you got 'em.  There were a few late-comers in last week's post.  Check them out, then come back here afterward.

  8. Since the beginning of the year, I have been working on adding another locomotive to my shortline fleet.  After much thinking and deliberation, I decided to model a proto-lanced South Omaha Terminal GP9.  This blog post will go through all the major steps of this locomotive project:

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  9. With unexpected time for working on the railroad I was able to complete the base painting of the backdrops on the upper level. This work and concurrent adventures with fascia will allow for a more concentrated terrain building effort in the coming weeks. Hope everyone is safe and healthy!


  10. I'm dipping my toes into the ocean of operations and struggling some with car forwarding. I have played around with JMRI Ops in the past but thought I would explore car cards and waybills. This post will explore some of the questions and (likely) misconceptions I have about how they are created and used. 

    Here is a photo of what I've created to this point. My observations and questions in the next posts. 

  11. Best of the MRH website this month - Model trains - MRH feature April 2020






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    Hello, everyone!  I posted this in the loco forum a week ago but only got 1 response.  I thoughts I'd try here on the DCC forum.

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  14. I'm modeling the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina in On30 (yes, using Bachmann locomotives). Knowing I'd never be able to do true justice to the real railroad, I 'protolanced' a fictional branch line up Stoney Creek, which in real life is just East of Elizabethton, TN. My parents grew up there.

    The layout takes place in 1943 (when both my parents were about 7 years old) and pretty much fills a small (11X10) room.

    This installment covers construction:

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  15. Train hitting a truck video right?  There are several factors that come into play with a scene like this.  Just today..4/4/20...I worked a local job climbimg the most demanding truck kicking hills in the area.  I gotta be honest...I rolled through a stop sign or 2 to keep my momentum of weight going..trying to keep the posted speed limit. 

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