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  1. Any one know which decoder Trix used in Loco 22185. I need to re-map a function key so I need the manual. If anyone can point me in the right direction to look that would be great. I have search the internet and can not seem to find anything. The manual that comes with it does not say nor is it a complete decoder manual.


  2. I was spitballing some off-the-wall ideas for switching layouts, and photos of Amtrak trains in the 90's with mail and express cars really got me thinking.  Not so much about modeling one of Amtrak's long distance trains highballing through on the mainline, but about the switching involved with those mail and express cars.

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  3. Last weekend I received a wonderful anniversary gift of spending time with my terrific wife of 40 years and my son, together with a McCloud River RR #25 2-6-2, Polson Loggng Co #2 2-8-2, and the newly restored "Skookum" #7 2-4-4-2 steam locos. I thought I would share some pics with you. Enjoy! (You should be able to click on the images to get an expanded view.)

    McCloud River RR #25 2-6-2
  4. In the past I used Floquil Tie Brown to paint flex track. This is no longer available but Rust-Oleum just introduced a roof accessory paint called Weathered Wood. It is a perfect match for tie brown, its low cost - $4.77 at Home Depot-, comes in 12 oz size,sticks to flex track and has a fine pigment so does not hide detail.

  5. well i will be putting down some rail this year, but not so sure about dcc, i try to learn, and read a lot about it,

    it does sound great, but i keep reading where so many problems with the computers.i do own one or two dcc. but have far many more power units that are dc only.

    i am not so great with electrical , i keep letting out that magic smoke. so dcc sounds easy... even for me. but computers give me fits.


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  6. Folks,

    My wife and I are going on a cruise from Singapore to Athens and will have an extra day or two in those two cities.  Most time will be taken up sightseeing, of course, but I'm wondering if there are any good model railroad shops in either of those cities?  A Google search showed several in Singapore; wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge about any of them?


    Al Carter

  7. This will be the last scenery project on the C&A, but definitely not the last blog, because there is much to do once I have "finished" the railroad.

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  8. I have finally gotten around to finishing up on a Highliner F unit I started a while back.  I am trying to build an accurate model of CN 9172, which was the last active CN F unit I saw in November 1988.  All CN F’s were retired by the end of 1989, just before the requirement to have reset equipment in the cab of lead units came into force. 

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  9. The RPM-East prototype modeler meet kicked off tonight with operating sessions at a number of layouts around Pittsburgh. I operated on Roy Ward's HO scale West Virginia Central & Pittsburgh Railroad and had a great time. 




  10. MRH Media is on the lookout for modelers able to do articles and videos about DCC installs.

    We want DCC install articles, especially step-by-step ones, for our new low cost paid magazine, MRH Running Extra. You get paid for these articles, remember!

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  11. A modeler's introduction to the Arduino - Model trains - MRH article December 2016







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  12. Greetings all.  Been lurking for a few years, decided it was time to join in.

    I started my layout design years ago but didn't get around to building until 2008.  It's a Proto-Freelanced design based on Rock Island's section of line from Little Rock, AR south to Alexandria, LA. Subdivision 38 & 39 of their Southern Division.  In my history books The Rock avoided the final shutdown and continues to operate.  The current date is Spring-Summer of 1983.  It was designed for Ops and as of the present is fully operational.

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  13. I'm planning an HO layout that will feature the Harlan & Hollingsworth rail car shops at Wilmington, Delaware - circa 1925. It will include passenger and freight ops.

    I'm fairly new to the hobby, and when I look at freight rolling stock in stores or online, I really have no idea what is or is not close to prototype for the time period. I don't plan to count rivets, but I do want to know that any stock I run is at least close to the right time period - not put into production 30, 40, or 50 years later. 

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  14. This announcement about A-Track, a free easy-to-use software application for NCE DCC systems, is posted with the generous permission of Joe Fugate, in the hope that some of the MRH community may find it useful. Any comments or queries are very welcome.

    A-TRACK Version 4.4.1 has now been released – and is still FREE !

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  15. I'm not sure this is the correct place for this or not ?   I didn't see any place for a "DC" question.

    I have been retro fitting my old brass and Mantua engines with  LED's and can motors, it's working out pretty well.

    One thing I noticed I don't like is a flicker in the rear light when the engine is moving forward, It does the same thing with the old 1.5 bulbs as well as the LED's.

    I found an article that said to use a .047uf cap across the motor ?

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