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  1. Wescott Mine and Mill Railway

    This blog entry features my first-time experience with Gn15. I'm not following any particular prototype operation or equipment. The foam core baseboard is 19" x 30" x 1/2" (570 sq. inches).  The track radius is tight (minimum radius about 7"), but that will not be a problem for the little mining engine and dump cars. 


    Micro Layout Progress as of 1-5-2018...

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  2. More accurate pipe loads - Model trains - MRH-RE article February 2019







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  3. I think I may have overdone this. What do you all think? I attempted a salt chip technique on a concrete building. Also did some chalk weathering to it.

  4. In this recent discussion board post, I was looking for pictures of Nolix setups as I depart somewhat from my original plan of a ridiculously huge helix in the unfinished area of the basement.

    I imagine it was going to look something like this one I picked off the internet:

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  5. You know that weird feeling you get when your wife says, "we never really discussed that.." surprise

    My plans were to have a helix in the unfinished part of the basement. Since I like big engines and big cars, I have 42" radius turns. The Helix was going to have 36" radius, which still ends up being quite a structure.

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  6. Looking for comments on your success in installing resistors on rolling stock. The "system" we are using at our club involves a lot of steps prone to ending up with useless or damaged resistors.

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  7. Rather more quickly than I expected, I managed to make a decision about whether to build Glanton or Cornhill next.
    Cornhill is the interchange between the Antioch Southern and Cornhill and Atherton railroads and as such will be a more significant area. Buildings will be more substantial and more of them, so I decided to build Glanton first, which is a bit more rural and open. It also links the completed scenes of Insular Gorge and (from some time ago) Matrimony hill; aka "The Wedding Cake".

    Rob Clark

  8. This will be a build thread for my upcoming Ozark Sub layout. The particulars:

    *  To be contained within a purpose built 16' x 20' (15' x 19' interior) HVAC equipped out building.

    * Will utilize three of the four walls w/small peninsula.

    * Will be a "partial" dual level: Lower and upper 7-track stage areas, reverse loops for turning trains both levels, and a lower and upper town on the dual level portion, with the ruling grade mountain climb on the single level portion.

    * Approximately 150' total main length.

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  9. It's a somewhat momentous day for me. After medical issues sidelined me from the hobby for awhile, I experienced a serious downturn in my creativity and consequently my passion for the hobby. As most of you that keep up with my doings here know, my creativity has returned with a vengeance. Even so, the time of inactivity took it's toll on my little pike largely in the form of it becoming a piling place for all manner of disorganized junk.

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  10. Another week starts . . . post 'em if you got 'em.


  11. I've been searching various information on logging railroads and looking at other modelers work and how they approach things because I only have a small area to represent dwindling logging on the current version of my pike. I came upon a channel called "It's My Railroad". The description in the post title are my words because the guy who does it appears to have a lot less concern for the prototype than I do and, as most know, I'm a pretty died in the wool freelancer.

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  12. We will be visiting Michigan later this year with our MRH / TMTV cameras... besides Bruce Chubb's Sunset Valley, what other nice layouts are there in Michigan we could visit?

    Please tell us about them below!

  13. Here is a new track plan for everyone to give their opinions about.  This is owes much to Eric Hansmann as he wrote about this line for a Layout design Journal article he wrote on using short prototype segments for layout designs.  The actual FBL is a very old industrial area just off of the B&O line through Fairmont West Virginia.  It went up a steep grade and then serviced a number of industries including glass factories in downtown Fairmont.  It had a remarkable amount of industries in its short 2 mile length.

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  14. I am modeling in N scale using code 80 track.  I have seen a log on line about painting track to make it look more prototypical. 

    I have not seen much about painting turnouts.  What is the best way to paint turnouts so that they look like they belong with the rest of the painted track.

    I obviously do not want to hurt their operation.  I have "floated" my turnouts, tacking them down and keeping the gluing of the other track at least 1 inch from the turnouts.

    Any suggestions or experience painting turnouts?  Thanks.

  15. Double Crossover with a Double-curve Turnout

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