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  1. Anyone watched the new TrainMasters video from Mike Confalone yet? It is like all of his, very well done.

    This is one of if not the best layoust IMHO out there. The scenery is very realistic and the operational aspects are numerous.

    I would love to know what camera Mike is using to record these wonderful videos. 

    Keep up the great work Mike.



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  2. It's another week . . . post 'em if you got 'em.

  3. I'm about to purchase a miter saw.  Just using it for benchwork and some basic home projects.  Would a double bevel be worth the extra cost?

    Also, is a laser guide a good choice to have?

  4. Sometime ago I purchased a small number of these brass turnout links. I did not know what I really had until recently while doing an google image search I ran into a few links on ebay that were selling some. These are very nicely made, and look more versatile than I first imagined. 


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  5. I am considering getting one or two Athearn/Roundhouse "old time" 2-8-0 steam locomotives for my layout. I want the version with DCC and sound. Do any of you have experience with this locomotive that you would be willing to share?

    Jim Six

  6. I built this loco after Cotton Belt 7771...a wreck rebuild that was converted to a cabless unit. Built from a  modified Railpower is an unpowered loco but has a NCE light it decoder installed for headlights. 

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  7. Here we present to you the monthly publications of the Chamisa Standard and the Farmer as well as the SRVN Fan Bolg.

  8. Lightweight operations - Model trains - MRH article May 2020







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  10. I have a genesis gp 9 with a loksound v5 installed...i noticed recently the prime mover wont start while consisted...but it starts immediately if take it out if consist....i havent looked thru jmri yet for a possible cv fix...anyone have an idea how to fix this?

  11. A quick clip showing the remote Engineer's experience using ProtoThrottle on the GHR, my modern-era switching layout in O scale:

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  12. With my track nice and clean and several locos running perfectly, I turned my sights to a few locos that were not running so well, or not at all.  Good success all around with one oddity here.

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  13. Hello all.

    I've been posting here for a few years now and have decided that instead of starting separate little blogs for every little idea I have I should consolidate things a bit. So...

    From now on, New and exciting things on the Ruphe and Tumbelle will be featured here.


    (Insert trumpet fanfare)

  14. Here's the place to share your latest workbench progress as we roll through September 2020. Let's see your latest projects!



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  15. There are a lot of reasons why we would want to electronically detect the presence of a train. This series of posts will cover a simple method of doing that using a classic circuit published by Richard Schumacher in the NMRA Gateway division website. There will be at least three sections, covering

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