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  1. Hi all,

    I am considering adding a team track to my layout, having some empty space between the mainline and the aisle on a specific module (9" x 3' approximately).

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  2. well i have a TSU 1000 decoder, at least that is what it looks like, except one corner.


    in the photo there are three wires coming out of the unknown part. (on my decoder there is NO wiring, but a tiny flat black thing), where the black wire from the keep alive is at there is a three wire connector, two purple (speaker) one white cut short.

    the rd and black wires come from the opposite ends, at each corner,  soldered to what i will call the underside, and go to a factory installed cap (just one).

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  3. Hi All,

    Went to see some trains today with my camera.  Found a couple scenes that you might enjoy looking at. 

    In the spirit of the holidays I'd like to share them with You.

    Hope the year is Happy, Healthful and Prosperous for you.

    I’m looking forward to see your prototype photos too!


  4. Here we are in September! I hope everyone enjoyed the August postings. Thanks to everyone who shared their work!

    Take a few moments to share images and detail on your most recent modeling progress! We can learn something new from your latest work.




  5. I've been using MEK as a liquid cement for a few years and the quart can I've been using has finally evaporated and I need more.  I've been to Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  None of the stores in MD had MEK at all.  All they had in Pennsylvania was MEK Substitute.

    I've looked online at Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware and Sherwin-Williams Paint.  Either they don't have it or only have it in gallon cans - enough for 3 lifetimes.

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  6. This is the 3rd attempt at building a nice German H0 layout.  


  7. Always been interested in the shipping of produce especially when it comes to scenes such as this with rows upon rows of ice reefers.  So much so that I've been collecting cars here and there with hopes of implementing a produce terminal on my layout. Not as large as this, but a few tracks in hopes to add some operations, interest and most importantly help with my "reefer" madness. 

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  8. Small layouts can be fun - Model trains - MRH article September 2019







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  9. How does one model these brick decorations?  Above the semi circular window there are 3 rows of bricks with their ends pointed out. Above the window on the lower right there are a series of vertical bricks which make a polygon.

    You may have to scroll up and down to see both.

    Anyone tried to model this type of brick decoration?


  10.  In the tradition of Furlows Slough and Lewot Bog by Art Curren, I bring you "Bobs Bog". Why Bobs Bog? Well, my late brother was named Bob and he was an avid hunter an fisherman so I think he would have appreciated it and considered what he might find living in it. Besides, it just fits!

    This whole project resulted from a small uncovered gap in the benchwork  in an otherwise relatively flat area. It was a fun little distraction from other areas and still in process is the proverbial hobo camp and fire very nearby.

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  11. Are there any sources of PRR X23 class boxcars besides the out-of-production models from Westerfield?  I am also trying to avoid brass.  

    The PRR had 6,000 of these boxcars.  I only need 6 or so. 

    (Brief history of the X23 at  )


  12. It's another week . . . post 'em if you got 'em.


  13. Hi all,

    I looking for suitable trailers to be used for transporting goods between a team track and local industries, late 60s era. I got a Mack H67 so far as tractor for this, and i am looking at the Walthers 35' fluted trailer and the Classic Metal Works 32' Aero-Van to combine with the said tractor. Would any of these be prototypical for the usage i am thinking? I got up to the point that i should stay below 40' trailer length given my era and local routes.

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  14. well much to my pocket book's demise i bought some more ho scale dc brass. but two of them have this little but fancy label glued to the bottom. with the name of "bobby halls". then in very small text a city and state.


    was he something as in a store? fine detailer? (one unit painted one in raw brass). just a person, placing a this belongs to me label on the bottom of his power?

    yes the label is brass not paper or plastic. and the lettering is relived and has black paint in it. the gears were all dry.

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  15. Track Close Along a Wall Behind a Viewblock

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