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  1. What I find hard, is to be motivated on the layou​t when I'm faced with a bench looking like this.

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  2. Hi,

    As some of you know I have and heavy interest in coal transportation with trains and ship.

    I'm modeling in N scale and started  two years ago  the construction of an N scale high lift coal dumper.

    Because of some health troubles work on this model had slow down, even if I restart to work on it.

    In Belgium we have a big train show every two years, the next one coming in 2018.

    By request of friends, they push me to make a module to be showed at this show.

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  3. Prices on 3D printers are coming down significantly, to the point I feel I can justify one. I can’t afford (or use inside my future residence) a resin printer, which would obviously be the best and most expensive option in current technology, particularly for smaller scales... so I’m looking at filament printers, with enough print space to do N scale objects 100 feet long at a minimum, and with resolution as high as possible, while keeping the cost within my limited budget. I know there will unavoidably be artifacts such as layers, but I want to minimize them.

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  4. This is one of the best produced and interesting back stories that I've come across in the model railroading world. Mr. Spry starts a century or two back and works his way up to his present day Narraloch Valley Railway. The first dozen or so minutes deal with the history of the area where his railroad is located and the last few minutes have to deal with design and construction issues.

    Happy viewing!



  5. Publisher's Musings: Operations for newbies ? - Model trains - MRH editorial January 2020




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  6. Intermodal Container Size Conformity Between brands of equipment

    Hi can anyone help me with intermodal car and container interchange ability.

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  7. Pulpwood logs are a significant traffic item on the Algoma Central, and a type of load I'll need quite a supply of for my flatcars and gondolas.

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  8. Port Allen like it is tomorrow waiting in a big box to be open in summer


    I open this blog for the on the way planning and future construction of the extension of my Maclau River in N scale.


    I have already mentionned I live now in Québec; the room for my layout need big works which are not started for now,; You all know the winter is heavy here in Canada and the room is not well heated.

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  9. The Blackwater and Blue Ridge Railroad is a fictional railroad line that exist only in the eccentric creative corners of my mind. You could ascertain by the name that the locale is Appalachia but it could just as easily be located "somewhere west". Time frame is loosely in the first part of the 1900's, more specifically maybe 1925 to 1935. It is a railroad that is lost both in space, and in time. At it's heart, it's a logging railroad, but mining has played a large part in it's recent prosperity.

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  10. I'm modeling the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina in On30 (yes, using Bachmann locomotives). Knowing I'd never be able to do true justice to the real railroad, I 'protolanced' a fictional branch line up Stoney Creek, which in real life is just East of Elizabethton, TN. My parents grew up there.

    The layout takes place in 1943 (when both my parents were about 7 years old) and pretty much fills a small (11X10) room.

    This installment covers construction:

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  11. Making the ultimate uncoupling tool - Model trains - MRH article January 2020






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  13. Howdy to all.

    It has been awhile for any work on the layout,, I have been dabbling with ESU lok sound and my Proto Throttle,, which is too cool!! But I digress.

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  14. This is a Bachmann / Bowser retrofit 4-8-4. This happens to be for a Niagara but true to Bachmann form, I think this drive train is used under the UP and Santa Fe loco versions too. Of course, Bowser did not make a different frame either.

    FYI, I isolated the motor from the frame by using a couple of non-conductive nylon screws to hold the brushes on the motor. It is now sorta DCC friendly. 

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  15. In the mid-1950s, many railroads wanted to implement Plan 2 TOFC, but were cautious about investing funds in new rolling stock. Several adapted existing flat cars. A few were more creative, using underframes from boxcars or hoppers.

    Here are two slightly-different cars created by the DL&W, from Flags, Diamonds and Statues, the magazine of the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society:



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